lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

A different post

Hi everyone!!

I know that i have been absent lately and my blog had been a little bit neglected, so I decided to try in some post, to tell something about my life, my weekend... I know that i'm writing in English, (don't worry, i don't change the language in the blog) the reason is because last year i decided to start again my studies at the university (if you don't know 3 years ago, i was a studding (tecnicatura en lenguas) in Rio Cuarto, but for economic problems in the family i had to leave my studies and start to work). In my career i have English, so i decide to use some post of my blog to practice this language... I hope don't be upset whit this, or me and if you can see something wrong in my post, please tell me to know the correct form...
Thanks for everything :)

Well, finished with all this introduction i'm going to tell how was my weekend.

Two days ago, when i finished my class, i took the bus with Gisela to go to the terminal. In the travel, we talked about the classes, home work and the exams. When we arrive to the terminal, she took her bus, and i done the same with the mine. When i arrived to my home, i said hello to my mom and i prepared to go to my job.
When i came i started to prepare the alcohol bottles and the glasses, 10 minutes later a friend arrived and she started to help me with the tables and the clients. We finished at 5 am on Saturday so my friend Ana decides to TAKE me home; when i arrived i went to sleep. 
I woke up at 10 am, i talked to my friend Aylen and she invites me to her home to study French and English, but first we decided to visit a friend called Alejandro and drink something, after talk about many things, Ale ask us if we want to had dinner and we said “Yes!, why not?” .
So he made pizza and start to talk about his studies and the books that he was reading. We pass a a good friends night.
Today we were studying all the day, and practicing the languages, i really want to progress with English, because i realized that i love learning languages and i wish to be a traducer.

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